FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [17/20] Couples - Charlie and Claire

It’s gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay. We’ll get through this together.

Dec 29 12:44 ( 529 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [16/20] Couples - Chandler and Monica

For so long I wondered if I would ever find my prince, my soul mate. Then three years ago, at another wedding, I turned to a friend for comfort. And instead, I found everything that I’d ever been looking for my whole life. And now here we are with our future before us and I only want to spend it with you, my prince, my soulmate, my friend.

Dec 28 13:58 ( 1269 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [15/20] Couples - Nathan and Haley

It’s been said that there’s one word that will free us from the weight and the pain of life. And that word is love. And I believe that. That doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been hard, or that it won’t be. It just means that I’ve found a stillness and a bravery in myself with you. You make me brave. And I will love you until the end of time.

Dec 27 22:20 ( 1279 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [14/20] Couples - Jess and Rory

Come with me. Do it. Come with me. Don’t think about it. You don’t think you can do it but you can. You can do whatever you want. I know you. Look, we’ll go to New York. We’ll work, we’ll live together, we’ll be together. It’s what I want. It’s what you want, too. I want to be with you, but not here. Not this place, not Stars Hollow. We have to start new. You’re packed. Your stuff is all in boxes. It’s perfect. You’re ready. And I’m ready. I’m ready for this. You can count on me now. I know you couldn’t count on me before, but you can now. You can. Look, you know we’re supposed to be together. I knew it the first time I saw you two years ago, and you know it, too. I know you do.

Dec 27 11:37 ( 900 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [13/15] Couples - Chuck and Sarah

You’re my home, Chuck. You always have been.

Dec 26 18:23 ( 324 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [12/15] Couples - Ryan and Marissa

I don’t know what my future is, but I know it’s with you

Dec 22 14:18 ( 622 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [11/15] Couples - Sawyer and Kate

You run. I con. A tiger don’t change their stripes.

Dec 19 11:47 ( 559 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [9/10] Families - Charlie, Claire and Aaron

All right, Turnip Head, now you take care of your mom while I’m away, okay? I love you.

Dec 17 18:45 ( 973 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [10/15] Couples - Craig and Ellie

Ellie I know I messed up, badly, but I am glad for one thing. I was finally able to be honest with you. I meant what I said and I felt that way for a long time.

Dec 11 19:49 ( 489 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [9/15] Couples - Seth and Summer

It’s not like, like now that me and Anna broke up I’m now choosing you. Because the whole reason that we broke up, is ‘cause for me… it’s always been you, Summer. It’s always been you. I’ve tried to fight it, and I’ve tried to deny it. And I can’t. I can’t do it. You’re undeniable.

Dec 6 12:59 ( 1137 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [8/15] Couples - Lucas and Peyton

I know it’s a bit sudden okay, but yesterday was a great day. And I’m sitting on the bus and I realize that none of my great days in my life matter without you. You’re the one I want next to me when my dreams come true. You’re the one I want next to me if they don’t. As long as I have you nothing else matters.

Dec 4 10:56 ( 806 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [6/10] Heartbreaking Storylines/Moments - Ellie’s Cutting

I used to cut myself. And what’s bizarre is that I’m always going to be a cutter. Even if I don’t do it for years, it’s still me. It just- it just is. It doesn’t matter how I feel, or how anyone else feels.

Dec 2 15:52 ( 566 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [7/15] Couples - Alex and Izzie

Today’s the day my life begins. All my life I’ve been just me. Just a smart mouth kid. Today I become a man. Today I become a husband. Today I become accountable to someone other than myself. Today I become accountable to you. To our future. To all the possibilities that a marriage has to offer. Together, no matter what happens, I’ll be ready. For anything. For everything. To take on life, to take on love. To take on possibility and responsibility. Today Izzie Stevens, our life together begins. And I for one can’t wait.

Dec 1 17:00 ( 883 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [5/10] Heartbreaking Storylines/Moments - Kirsten’s Alcoholism

Hey Ryan, apparently Mom’s a drunk and today’s the intervention. Plan your afternoon accordingly.

Nov 30 12:36 ( 245 )

FANGIRL CHALLENGE → [6/15] Couples - Jackie and Hyde

I thought I lost my little puddin’ pop forever.
Wanna hear something sick? I actually missed you calling me puddin’ pop.

Nov 29 18:47 ( 2437 )